Services and amenities at Chicago O'Hare airport

Services and amenities at O'Hare airport


Unlimited free Wi-Fi internet access is available in all terminals (pre- and post-security). Passengers should connect to "Boingo Hotspot" or "_Free_ORD _Wi-Fi" networks. Launch your internet browser and then you must load a new non-https URL to prompt the Wi-Fi access page to load. ​ Under ORD Free Unlimited Wi-Fi, choose “Watch Ad to Connect”

Power Stations

Power Stations can be found in all terminals and are free of charge. They are seated workstations with counter space and AC outlets, providing travelers with an area to recharge electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices.

Banking Services

Seaway Bank is present at the airport with banking services including foreign currency exchange services. For further information call (773) 462-0604 
Location and services  
Terminal 1 [Gates C18 & B10​] Currency Exchange - Terminal 2 [Gate F1 in Mall Hall] Full Banking Services, Currency Exchange - Terminal 3 [Gate K10] Currency Exchange - Terminal 5 (Upper and Lower Level) Currency Exchange

ATM's - They can be found both, pre-security and in each terminal. ATM services are provided by local and national financial institutions and include cash withdrawals, deposits and checking account balances. 

Business Center

​The on site Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotel offers meeting rooms,  catering, event planning and a full-service business center offering fax, copying, and packaging and shipping services.

Spa Center

Chair massage, hand, leg and foot massage treatments are available, as well as full body Swedish and deep tissue massage. Manicures and pedicures, polish changes and soak off services. are available too. 

Location - Terminal 1, Concourse B, Gate B12 
Hours - Everyday until 6 pm 
Tel - (773) 686-8014

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Multi-Modal Facility (MMF)

The O'Hare Multi-Modal Facility (MMF) is used to concentrate the airport's ground transportation operations in one central access point.  In this big building passengers can access to all airport rental car operations and the economy parking Lot F.  It is located at the southeast corner of Zemke and Mannheim Roads.

The MMF includes Multi-level fueling at Quick–Turn-Around (QTA), electric charging stations, over 2,600 parking spaces, mother's rooms, Service Animal Relief Area, ATS and CDA bus services, Regional Bus Services, food, beverage and merchandise

Art exhibitions

At O’Hare Airport there is a Public Art Program with lots of paintings, sculptures and art pieces exhibit through the airport facilities.

Traveling with Kids

​Family Lounge  
 It is located in Terminal 2, main hall, just beyond security, and offers a space for children to play with toys, climbing structures, funhouse mirrors and airport-themed video games.

Mothers Rooms 
The rooms offers a exclusive space for mothers who are breastfeeding their children and would prefer to do so in a private setting. Rooms offer a comfortable space along with a sink and wash area.

Terminal 1: B Concourse | Gate B10 
Terminal 2: F Concourse, Crossover Between Gates E5 and F9 
Terminal 3: Rotunda, next to the Yoga Room and Urban Garden 
Terminal 3: Concourse L | Gate L6 
Terminal 5: Concourse M | Gates M8, M20, M32, M37 
Multi-Modal Facility: 2 Locations on Level 1 - North and South Side

On the other hand, lactation pods can be found in Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

All Gender Toilets 
They can be found in most terminal restrooms and also in the multimodal facility. These restrooms can be used as diaper changing spaces for infants and young children.

Hilton Health Club

If you have some time before you flight and wish to exercise or relax before, then you are able to become a day member at the Hilton Athletic Club and enjoy their facilities including a fitness area, steam room, sauna, lap pool, and full-service locker rooms.

Inside the Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotel, directly across from the domestic terminals (1, 2 & 3). Frp, Terminal 5 you can access via the Airport Transit System​.


USO lounges are exclusive areas for active military personnel and their dependents, and offer free refreshments, quiet and children's rooms, emergency and travel assistance, information and referrals at O'Hare International Airport. 

Terminal 2, Mezzanine Level, pre-security. Open: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. / (773) 686-7396 
Terminal 3, Mezzanine Level of the Rotunda, G Concourse, post-security. Open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. / (773) 601-9500

Passenger Paging

Airlines can locate passengers and announce messages at the corresponding airline's terminal. Please contact the airline directly for paging assistance.


Passengers will find a Chapel for all those who want to have a relaxation moment at the Airport. Located in Mezzanine level, at Terminal 2. 

Yoga Room

Passengers will find a special space to practise yoga, relaxation and meditation, with exercise mats, among others. Service hours: every day from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Location: Terminal 3, Mezzanine Level.